Ludwig A.F. – Groove Podcast 366

Frankfurt-based Ludwig A.F. is working steadily on his proper debut LP. Also as a DJ he likes to keep things fresh as his Groove mix proves.

LUZ1E – Groove Podcast 365

Prolific producer and genre-agnostic DJ LUZ1E wants to take you on a "deep, cute, meditative trip" with her Groove mix.

Diamin – Groove Podcast 364

Tecnologías Elementales co-founder Diamin delivers a mix that serves as warm-up set for a club night that's going to be sweaty.

wyme (xeno-) – Groove Resident Podcast 36

Organiser and resident wyme steps up to the decks for a colourful mix to represent Bratislava's multi-faceted xeno- party series.
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Ruhail Qaisar – Groove Podcast 363

Care for some "music for the winter winds"? Ahead of the release of his debut album, Ruhail Qaisar's Groove mix offers that and more.

Naty Seres – Groove Podcast 362

Berghain and Refuge Worldwide resident and Never Not Now co-owner Naty Seres merges different musical worlds in her Groove mix.

Cincity – Groove Podcast 361

Having just released a new EP on Floyd Lavine's Afrikan Tales, Cincity delivers a Groove mix that is both eclectic and deep.

Levon Vincent – Groove Podcast 360

Levon Vincent's Groove mix is crammed with originals and comes with an extensive (like, very) interview with the Novel Sound boss.
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Jenny Cara – Groove Podcast 359

Three decks, a rotary mixer and infinite possibilities: Studio Kali and eXchange co-founder Jenny Cara goes peak time.

VAAL – Groove Podcast 358

VAAL's Groove mix features music from the producer's sophomore album as well as a previously unreleased cut and a nod to Scottish powerhouse Mogwai.

Ciel – Groove Podcast 357

Parallel Minds co-owner Ciel brings together two of her passions—euphoric trance and percussive bass music—during her two-hour Groove mix.

phrex (Kapitel Bollwerk) – Groove Resident Podcast 34

A member of Dubtopia, Midilux, or montsomnia as well as a prolific producer, phrex represents Bern's Kapitel Bollwerk on the Resident Podcast.
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Molly – Groove Podcast 356

Hot on the heels of her extraordinary EP for Kilómetro 4.5, Molly's multi-faceted Groove mix features new material from the French producer.

Antal – Groove Podcast 354

Antal celebrates Rush Hour's 25th birthday by putting together a Groove mix with recent and upcoming releases from the label.

Jana Woodstock – Groove Podcast 353

The invasion of her home country has left its mark on the music that Ukrainian DJ and producer Jana Woodstock plays. Her Groove mix mirrors these changes.